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I offer online therapy to help people experiencing excessive worry and anxiety experience safety and calm in a supportive and caring therapeutic relationship. I support you to develop your capacity to tolerate and overcome what you experience as unpleasant, or even intolerable. We start where you are, as you are. I walk with you on your journey of personal growth and resilience.



Is it hard for you to stop yourself from worrying? Even when you aren’t worried about something in particular you still feel worried. You just don’t feel quite right. It’s like something bad could happen at any moment. When you do worry about something in particular, like work or health, you can’t control that worry, and so it spreads to other things. You feel it in your body too: you are restless, tense, on edge. . . . You also feel tired a lot of the time. Exhausted even. And this makes work or study even harder to deal with: it’s hard to stay focused and sometimes your mind just blanks out. You might also find yourself becoming irritable for little or no reason. Perhaps your sleep is disturbed in some way too, leaving you feeling even more exhausted. All of this is taking a toll on your relationships.

Something has got to change about how you are feeling. This is no way to live. Not for you, and not for the people you love. There has got to be a different way of being in the world.

And there is. You don’t have to be consumed by worry. You can get off this train of racing thoughts, this chain of worrying about what might happen. Together we can loosen the hold that anxiety has on your life. Together we can help you reconnect with the present in the safety of a caring, attentive, therapeutic relationship. I am there, with you. Listening to you. Your experience is not too much for me. I am interested in what it is like to be you. I am not going anywhere. You can feel this. Slowly you watch as your experience begins to change. . . .

In our last session, at the end of our work, you reflect on the journey we have been on together. You’ve arrived safely at your destination. Things really are different for you than they were before. You are where you wanted to be, but like any good journey, there were unexpected stops along the way: surprising encounters and treacherous passes where you felt stuck or even scared. And that’s OK. You see now that that’s the way it had to be. And I was with you, every step of the way.


I offer online psychotherapy and counselling. As a practitioner of integrative psychotherapy, I provide bespoke treatment: an experience that is uniquely suited to your needs. So while, like other people, you might experience excessive worry and anxiety, the reasons why you experience these remain unique to you. I am interested in precisely that. I am deeply curious about what it is like to be you. I am also deeply motivated to help you change those experiences and behaviours that have become limiting or distressing for you.

I begin by working with you to understand your background and how it might connect with your present concerns. This helps me tailor the therapeutic experience to your needs and your goals for therapy.

Together we pay careful attention to your experience of therapy. Attending to your experience in our sessions supports your development of insight into how and when your anxiety arises and what helps to alleviate it: with anxiety you are trapped in the future, so we will work to ground you in the present.

I support you to undertake therapeutic activities outside of our sessions together: my aim is to foster your own capacity for healing and for growth, not to make you dependent on me! I will teach you exercises, provide ‘homework’ and educational material—anything—to help resource and support you on your healing journey.

I help you to see yourself from the outside and others from the inside, thereby increasing your mental awareness and your mental capacity to tolerate what would otherwise be distressing or intolerable for you. Our work is about increasing your overall sense of agency: what you understand about the world and your place within it.

I check-in with you regularly about your experience of therapy: What is working for you? What could we be doing differently or better?

And even though our work will be focused on your worry and anxiety, I understand that life doesn’t come prepackaged in tidy little boxes: with anxiety there is also often sadness and depression, compulsive behaviour, trauma, and relationship issues. I am open to these experiences too and I will support you to overcome these obstacles so that you can reconnect with a rich and full experience of your life.


I work online with adults regardless of their identity (race, cultural background, religious beliefs, political persuasions, sex, gender, or sexual orientation). This is because I am fascinated by the mind and what it means to be an individual (to have a ‘self’, to be a ‘subject’ or a ‘person’), but also by what it means to go beyond individuality—selfhood, subjectivity, personhood—to something bigger that connects us despite our differences. Together with my interest in the mind and how it works is my interest in how the mind doesn’t work—what happens when things start to go awry, break down, fall apart. . . . It has happened to me so I know how much it can hurt. And I know how hard it can be to put things back together—and to keep them that way. I still feel the pull of the future, the drift from the present. . . . I’ve learned that it takes (often demanding) work to live in the present. But I’ve also learned that there is an easefulness dwelling in every effortful action. I am committed to deepening my connections to this life and to helping others deepen their connections with it too.


In addition to being a practitioner of psychotherapy in private practice, I have also worked as a lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy where I have taught and trained students to become psychotherapists and counsellors. Prior to studying and working in psychotherapy, my background was in literature, philosophy and theatre and I have worked as an academic at several universities in Australia. This experience gives me a broad view of how the mind works and influences how I understand the theory and practice of psychotherapy. Literature provides a window into other minds, and philosophy is a powerful way to organise one's own mind. Theatre has taught me how to connect with others and myself and how to make the body a vehicle for the soul's expression.



© 2020 by Dr. Joshua Comyn

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